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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fall Catch-Up

I had the idea that I would catch the blog up, event by event. But, obviously that is not happening! So I thought I would do a catch-all blog to get everyone up to speed with our crazy fall, then maybe make an entry back into the world of regular blogging. Our fall was a busy one! Both girls started school, Jessilyn in kindergarten, and Reese in 3 year-old preschool. The first day of school was an exciting day in the Johnson house! A few weeks later we went to Amarillo for the weekend to celebrate Hutton's 1st and Marlie's 2nd birthdays. We missed Hutton's official party, but still had a great time celebrating! A few weeks later, my MaMa went to meet her heavenly father! As much as we miss her, it was such a sweet time for our family. During her sickness, much time was spent with her, and new memories were made. The weekend of her funeral, our family had such a special time just being together...telling stories, looking through photo albums, reading her Bible and devotional books, making memories...MaMa and PaPa have left an incredible legacy, and we are so blessed by our family!! A few weeks later was a surprise 35th anniversary party for Mom and Dad. More of that incredible legacy... What a fun time we had that weekend! Jessilyn played her first season of t-ball. One major plus was that all of her games were on Saturday evenings, so Daddy could come to every single game! She really enjoyed it, and was a pretty good little player. She also started dance class at a fantastic Christian fine arts studio, and Reese began her first year of gymnastics. She was a little apprehensive at first, but she has warmed up, and now absolutely loves it. I just realized I have no pictures of dance or gymnastics, those will have to come later. Along came Halloween (spent with PaPa), then soon after Thanksgiving. During all of this, Dad was having a not-so-great football season that ended in not making the playoffs. For those of you outside the coaching world, it's not good when you don't make the playoffs!!! Not good for the boys, especially not good for the parents, and therefore, coaches, and therefore wives, and therefore get it! Christmas season is now upon us, along with all the parties, programs, and activities that entails. More on that to come...

Jessilyn riding a pony at a birthday party

Hutton opening gifts

Jessilyn at Marlie's party

Silly cousins!

My cute little punkins!

Say cheese!

Reese's class trip to the local pumpkin patch

T-ball medal

She makes her daddy proud!

Jessilyn with another coach's kid on mismatch day during Red Ribbon Week

The girls at our church's fall carnival (before a game)

My sweet little flower and bumblebee

Our Halloween creations
Going for a ride on the four-wheeler


Becky Dietz said...

So fun to see all of your photos, Jennifer. Such a sweet family!

The Durham's said...

Oh my gosh! They are so big and adorable!! I loved all these pictures:) Miss you guys!

Emily Suzanne said...

what a beautiful family!!! Love ya'l

Anonymous said...

I like how she is wearing only one boot.

Anonymous said...

Jessilyn and the other girl are both wearing one boot.

Anonymous said...

Jessilyn lost her brown boot.