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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Great Flood of 08

So, here is the update on the house. We had a pipe bust in our kitchen ceiling. Yes...I said ceiling!!! Our ceiling caved in, and water seeped to every room in our house except for the master bath. We had to replace all the flooring and a few walls. It was a crazy summer, working nonstop...but I can honestly say it has turned out to be such a blessing! God is so creative! We needed (and I really wanted) new floors, and now we have them!

We have worked on every house we've lived in, but this is now my favorite. It is definitely still a work in progress, but I'm the most proud of this house.
Reason #1-I really hated this house when we first moved in. I really struggled with contentment when we first moved to Midland. I hated our house, and felt really trapped because I knew no one and stayed in my house all the time...lots of time to ponder all the things I wanted to do (but couldn't). I have worked hard to find cheap and creative ways to improve, and have learned some new things along the way. I even made my own Roman shades! Now I am really happy with where we are, and have learned to be content with what we have/haven't gotten finished.
Reason #2-This is our first home away from Amarillo and parents....hence, the first home we have really done on our own. I am so grateful for the past two homes, and for all the help we had with them. But this home holds a special place because we've done it all on our own. I feel like a grownup!!

And I must give kudos to my awesome hubby! He worked his cute little booty off this summer, and went right into football season with no rest! He has done some amazing work and been very patient with me in the process (despite a very difficult tile choice on my part!) He has done it all-ripped up old (possibly Asbestos-infested) floors, painted, laid laminate floors, installed an R.O. system, laid tile floors, installed baseboards, installed new toilets...the list goes on and on. I love Randon's work ethic, and how hard he works to take care of his girls! I love that he is a "man's man." He's not afraid to take on a new project, and he really likes to do things on his own. It makes me one proud Momma! I love you Babe!!

Here are some "before" pics:

Kitchen ceiling

Don't you just love the old (tile?) floors?!?!

Our family room (full of fans)

Here are some "during" pics:

I'll have to take some pics of things put back together...maybe later:)

Happy 4th Jessilyn!!

We were in Amarillo for Jessilyn's birthday this year. For one gift, she got to go with Jaclyn and I to get her first pedicure. She loves all the prissy, girly stuff...this was no exception! She decided she wanted the family to go to Wonderland. We had a little picnic, opened presents and ate cake, then went to ride all night long!! She had so much fun with her cousins. She thought she was so cool because she rode some of the "big" rides with them. (And also because she wore a swimsuit with shorts through the entire park for the one water ride-HAHA). I still remember how cool Wonderland was when I was her age, and it is apparently still just as great!

First pedicure
Birthday Diva!!
Riding the boats
Surprisingly, Randon still fits!!
Pure joy! I love you, sweet girl!!

Happy 75th MaMa!

We celebrated my MaMa's 75th birthday in June. It was a surprise party, and many of our family members came to Amarillo to surprise her. She was diagnosed with cancer this year, and she has been absolutely amazing! Her strength and dignity amaze me. What an exapmle! We had a great time. Jessilyn was my little photographer, taking pics of anyone who would let her. We love you MaMa!

MaMa, Mom, her sisters and brother
Jessilyn loves MaMa!
Three Generations
Could she be any cuter?!?!?

Still Alive!!

The Johnsons are still alive. We have been MIA all summer long, so I will try to catch you up on the past few crazy months! Going back to Jessilyn's surgery...she came through like a trooper! She was so tough it was amazing! The poor thing was so sick for a good three days. She laid around my parents' house completely limp, no energy, completely dehydrated, couldn't even hold down a drink of Sprite. I have never seen her so sick. We went to the ER Wednesday around 11:00, and she was in surgery that night around 9:30. God is so good...what a blessing that we were in Amarillo. One of her ER nurses was an old youth worker of mine from Southwest. My dad got to go back in the OR with her and hold her hand until she went under, and my cousin was one of her OR nurses. She came through the surgery great-her appendix hadn't ruptured yet and there were no problems. When she got to the pediatric floor, her child life specialist was an old volleyball friend of mine (we love you Lizzie!!) She was released Friday afternoon, and was at a birthday party in Midland Sunday night. She was awesome and now has a cool scar she likes to show everyone. (She calls it her "inzizzion"). TOO CUTE!

Headed to OR with Pops
First meal...YEAH-Jell-O!!!!
Going to the playroom
Going HOME!!!