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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday, and I do mean HOLIDAY, Weekend

This weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, and Randon and I celebrated in a unique kids! The girls went back to Amarillo with MiMi on Thursday, and we'll head up to Amarillo next week to get them. That's right...two weeks with no kids!

The first day they were gone we were having our plumbing worked on, so we had no water. No kids, no water (therefore I couldn't do laundry, clean, work in the yard, etc.) - I had no idea what to do, so I went and painted pottery. It was really nice.

Saturday night Randon and I went out to a little concert. It was a local guy who sings old country music. We people watched, made fun of people, and did a little dancing. It was so much fun. Thanks Mom-we had a lot of fun!

Sunday night we went to the drive-in movie to see Indiana Jones. On Monday, I was sick and never even got out of the recliner. We had previously decided we would work on the house. I had begun texturing our entryway on Sunday. So on Monday, Randon was my little electrician. He put up four new light fixtures and a new ceiling fan. The new fixtures really do make a big impact for just a little $$$. I must say, I am very impressed. (We won't mention how he hung the front porch light upside down. Shhhhh) He jokes that he should take up being an electrician as a second job. He says if he got paid by the hour, we could be rich!! Here are some pics of his handiwork. Thanks, Babe!

Class of 2008

So last week was Jessilyn's first graduation ceremony. She graduated from her three year-old preschool class. The kids were very cute. Jessilyn got to receive her diploma then walk across the stage to get a hug from her teacher, Ms. Brooke. Then her class had a little luau. Lots of fun! Thank you MiMi for coming to watch. We love that it is so important for you to be a part of the girls' special moments. More pics...

The beautiful grad

All smiles

Jessilyn and her best friend Briley

Jessilyn hugging Ms. Brooke (or vice versa)

Yeah Aunt Stinky!!

So the weekend after Mother's Day, we made a mad dash to Waco for Aunt Jaclyn's graduation. What a fun weekend! It is always so fun when the entire family is together. Those times are becoming more and more rare as all of our lives continually grow crazier. Graduation was Saturday morning. It was a lovely FIVE hours with two toddlers, an infant, and a prego! We're dedicated, Jaclyn-don't you forget it! Randon almost had to beat up an elderly handicapped man because he was determined to take Rob's wheelchair spot. I love you, Babe!! More dedication. Dad then treated us all to a wonderful steak lunch, the girls did a little shopping at our favorite store (we'll miss you, Spice!), then we got to go pack and clean Jaclyn's apartment. Wait, when did we volunteer for that?!? Again, more dedication.

J/K Jaclyn-We love you and are truly so proud of you! You have truly blossomed over the past four years, and we're so excited to see what God's got up His sleeve for you!! Here are som pics...

Pops and his girls

Skittles fans for entertainment (thanks, MiMi)

Photography of new cousin by Jessilyn

Dad, Mom, and Jaclyn

Love ya Stinky!!!

Am I the Only One?

So, I have been trying to be a little more eco-friendly lately. Part of that included buying the reuseable grocery bags. So as I approach the register to pay for my groceries this morning, I realize, "Crap! I left all my bags in the car!" So, I ended up bagging my groceries in plastic bags, while my $10 worth of canvas bags lie forgotten in the back of my car. Please tell me I am not the only one who has done this!!!

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year. We went to church, then Randon took me out to luch at Abuleo's...yummy!! Then we came home and...drumroll....I got to take a FOUR hour nap!! What else could I ask for? My gift was a new digital picture frame. Randon downloaded a slideshow so that I could have pics in my room at work. Oh yeah, for those who don't know, I got a job! Praise God! I work two days a week. I really like it. I've been there for almost two months now. Thanks Randon and girls for making my day so special. I am so blessed!!

Catching Up

I can't believe I haven't written a new blog in over a month!! I am such a slacker! Sorry to those few people who read this...I'll try to do better!

I have a lot to catch up on, so my plan is to have several "mini-posts". So here goes....

Reese went to the dermatologist earlier this month, and it turns out her rash was just a really bad case of eczema. We were given some Rx ointments, and it cleared up completely in about two days! She is back to her gorgeous, perfect self. Here are some before/after pics.

Jessilyn had a little program at her preschool. They did lots of nursery rhymes. Then they recited their character traits (responsiblity, integrity, etc.), and a corresponding verse for each trait. I absolutely loved her school this last year. They had so many different things to keep their little minds sparked and learning. She had a science lab, computer lab, library, chapel, Spanish, gymnastics, movie theater...all this on top of her regular classroom. She really enjoyed her year. She had a wonderful teacher and made some new friends. I have decided not to enroll her again next year. God really convicted me that I needed to keep her at home (it will be her last year before kindergarten!!) and take more responsibility for teaching her myself. Please keep me in your prayers as I prepare this summer for what we'll jump into next year. I'm not worried at all about her not learning what she needs to-I'm more worried about being structured and disciplined. Honestly, I think that might be part of God's plan here...isn't He sneaky?!? :) He knows where I need work! Pray that I will be faithful. Anyway, here are some pics...

Jessilyn was "Little Miss Muffett"

Doesn't she look scared?!?!