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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

So I'm a little late, but what's new, right?!? We had a great Thanksgiving this year! We started the festivities with Reese's school feast. She was quite the cutie pie, if I say so myself. Jessilyn had been sick, so she got to skip school and come celebrate with her little sis. Fun sick day, huh! Then we headed up to Amarillo for Thanksgiving. We had lunch at Mom and Dad's and Dad's family came over. This was the first official holiday in the new house, and man was it nice! So much room to cook! The day after Thanksgiving, we went down the the camp to celebrate with Mom's side of the fam. Randon's parents, niece, and nephews came with us. Stacy and Misti were working on their house, so they missed out on a lot of fun. We ate, played games, and hung out in the dining hall. Next to the dining hall, they have a big empty room with hardwood floors, so Uncle Mark brought his DJ stuff, and we had our own dance! It was so much fun. The kids learned the bunny hop, the chicken dance, and the hokey pokey! Too cute. The kids also got to ride on one of the camp horses. It was a beautiful day to spend in the canyon! That weekend there was a big snow in Amarillo. So we stayed until the last possible minute and let the girls play in the snow. They built their first snowmen with Daddy. I was impressed with their skills! Jessilyn made her own snowman in the backyard, too. We had a great week full of family fun and memories!!!

Crazy girls!

MiMi and Reese

My two cutie pies!
Reese and Zachary
Jessilyn and Marlie
Fun cousin times!
What an angel!
Love this one!
Family pic attempt...
Daddy and Jess
Mimi teaching Reese some moves
Jessilyn's Snowman
Pretty impressive!
Great job, Jessilyn!
Working hard

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