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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Luau, Luau, Luau

Last night our life group leaders' little girl had a luau birthday party. I took the girls to get little outfits for the party. Anyone who knows my girls can guess exactly what happened...Reese would have absolutely nothing to do with dressing up, while Jessilyn ate it up and was a big cheese! Jessilyn even had to have the coconut bra, and to be honest, I'm a little concerned about how excited she was to be wearing a bra! Enjoy the pics! Happy birthday Piper!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

LaLoo Titter

My girls aren't the type to just jump out of bed "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed." (Is that how the saying goes?) Anyway, Tuesday morning Jessilyn was lying on the couch, sipping her chocolate milk (a habit we must thank MiMi for), and watching Disney. Reese walks up to the couch, and says "UUGGHH," which in her language I'm positive means "Dear Sister, please help me onto the couch with you". Right?!? Anyway, Jessilyn pulled her up, put her arm around her, and they snuggled up to each other. So sweet...Then Reese turns her head to Jessilyn and says, "La loo titter." (translated "Love you, Sister"-for those of you without toddlers) Jessilyn's eyes immediately lit up, became huge with excitement, she opened her mouth wide in shock, and said, "Mom, Reese said I Love You!!"

These are the moments that you truly cherish as a mom! I love to see that sister bond growing between them each day. I pray continually that they will be the best of friends as they grow up! Thank you God, for these moments each day, that remind me what a gift being a mommy is! Thank you for entrusting your little angels to me. I am truly blessed!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sorry For the Absence

Sorry it's been so long, I've been on somewhat of a blogging hiatus. Our lives have been busy, but to be honest, I've just found other things I would rather do than blog. I will try to catch everyone up...

We went back to Amarillo for Easter. What a fast, busy, but wonderful weekend! We were able to visit my Aunt Doris just after her brain surgery, were able to go to church (so great to see everyone!), and were able to spend many great hours over some vicious games of Kanasta at Mom and Dad's. The weather was typical Panhandle weather, so my poor girls froze in their cute little Easter dresses from MiMi, but they sure looked precious doing it! We had an indoor egg hunt on Easter morning, then got on the road back to Midland (tears...)

The girls riding their scooters at Gran and Papa's.

Jessilyn, Reese, and Marlie in their cute little dresses!

Mine and Jaclyn's Easter Bunny art (what a cute canvas!)

I had a wonderful little treat the next weekend. My sweet friend Stacy had me to her home for the weekend, and we went to Pink Impact-a women's conference at Gateway. What a great time we had! The speakers were wonderful, worship was AHHHmazing, and the fellowship was so sweet. I got to spend Saturday with my cousing Meghan. Thank you Stacy for being the greatest friend ever! And thanks to Gran for loving on my girls while I was gone...what a blessing!

The next weekend was Reese's little surgery. She did great! I'm a bad mom, and forgot to take my camera to the hospital, so I don't have any pics. She was really cute just before they took her back. She'd been given a shot with some Demerol in it to help her relax. She kept trying to stand up on the hospital bed, would wobble around, say "WHOA!", then lay back down. It was really cute! The poor baby couldn't have just had a quick little surgery without making it even more complicated. She broke out into this funky rash the days before the surgery, was teething (her last two little baby teeth), and then had mad diarrhea the rest of the afternoon! I felt so ad for her. Despite all the setbacks, she bounced back really quickly. We were at Randon's game the next day, and she's been doing great ever since. One funny side effect is that she has become really loud! I guess she can finally hear herself, and she thinks it's really great!

Jessilyn spent her first night with a friend the night before the surgery, so that we wouldn't have to drag her to the hospital at 6 am. I was a little concerned about how she would do, but she had a blast. This weekend, she had the same little friend spend the night at our house. I can't believe she is old enough to have her first sleepover! They slept in the tent in Jessilyn's room, we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast (Jessilyn's favorite), baked Snickerdoodles, then went to Randon's baseball game. What fun!

Jessilyn and Noie "sleeping" (wink, wink)

Speaking of Randon, his team is having a great season. They won their 20th game last week, and have only lost one game this season. I'm a proud wife! Daddy coaching his two best players!