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Monday, September 29, 2008

SluMBeR ParTy!!!

Jessilyn went to her first slumber party this weekend. She had the best time! Her friend Amaris lives down the street from us, plays on our soccer team, and goest to our church. Amaris had a girl party-she invited three little girls and their moms. We had dinner (mini corn dogs and friendship salad), made crafts, and had desert. Then the moms went home and the girls spent the night. Cece (Amaris's mom) brought all the girls to church the next morning. Jessilyn painted a letter "J" and made a tie-dyed pumpkin shirt. The girls were adorable and the mommys had a great time, too.
They sent the cutest invitations I've ever seen. Cece let Amaris plan the whole party, so the invitation was in Amaris's own words (in italics), with her mom's translations (in bold). Portions of it went like this: The girls have to be here in like 11 minutes, around noon. Around 6:00. The entire invite went on like this, telling what time, plans, what to bring, etc. Very creative!
I must mention that Cece was exactly 39 weeks the night of the party. How brave/crazy is she?!?! Thanks Cece and Amaris for a great night!!!

The girls eating dinner (Notice the bowl in the middle-fresh whipped cream. The girls ate the entire bowl...mostly with their hands!)

Desert time!

My cutie pie!

Amaris, Jessilyn, Ava (fellow Sparkle), and Ella

Jessilyn's Artwork

Jessilyn's T-Shirt

Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend in Amarillo

The girls and I went up to Amarillo a few weekends ago to meet Hutton and for Marlie's first birthday party. I can't believe she is already one! It is crazy to line up Reese, one year later Marlie, and one year later Hutton. The Meeks kids better slow it down!! We had a jam-packed weekend of fun! We also snuck in a trip to the fair-thanks Pops for the fun night!

The birthday cutie pie

Dig in!!

She wasn't crazy about the toys!

All the kids (minus Randon-darn football!)

Reese loves her Uncle Rob!!

I'm not sure how this happened, but I didn't get one picture of Hutton on my camera! We were constantly taking pics with him, I guess my camera just never got into the pile. URRGH! He's perfect, though-take my word for it!

GOOOOO Sparkles!!!

Jessilyn started her first year of soccer. She is doing really great. She scored the first goal of the first game. (She likes to tell everyone she scored the first goal of the season). She scored two of the team's six goals at the first game, and assisted on another. The next two games haven't gone quite so well. I think at the third game we literally got beat about 40-0. (Since it is non-competitive there is no official score. Everyone wins! ha,ha I don't remember sports being like that when I played!) The other teams just seem to have a much better grasp of the game than we do, but we're slowly catching on. Jessilyn does really well, and is having a lot of fun!! She has a little friend from church on her team, and one of the other coach's daughter is also playing with us. If nothing else, it makes for some great entertainment on Saturday afternoons! On a side has worked out where Randon is getting to make it to quite a few of her games. I was very nervous about how that might go, but God really blessed us with a great schedule!

Sparkles Soccer Diva!

Bend it like Beckham, baby

All the girls

She worked up a sweat!!

We love you, Jessilyn!!

Reese is 2! (1 1/2 months ago)

The birthday girl in her cool shades (upside down)...that's how she rolls!

So we all know I am not the greatest at this blogging thing, but oh well. Reese's b-day was Aug. 15. We had to do something in Midland so that Randon could be there because football had already started. So my parents, Randon's parents, and Randon's brother and his family all came down to Midland for the weekend. We had a lot of fun! It was very low-key. We didn't invite any friends, just family. On Sunday afternoon the girls and their cousins went swimming at Randon's parent's hotel. They had so much fun. Then we came back to the house for presents and cake. Sometimes I am jealous of the cute ideas other moms come up with for their kids' parties, but for me the big parties are way too stressful. I like the simple, relaxed parties. And to be honest, I think simple is good for our kids every once in a while. They don't get that much anymore! Thanks to all the fam for coming down-we had a great time!!

Sister baking, err, eating birthday brownies

The birthday girl and her daddy

Reese and Aunt Misti splashing

Opening presents

Monday, September 22, 2008

So Tired...

What a long day! I worked today-off at 5:00. Sped to Fazoli's, shoved spaghetti down the girls' throats as fast as I could so that we could be to Jessilyn's soccer game at 6:00. Watched her game (which, by the way, was HILARIOUS!), then sped to church for a bible study that started at 7:00 (got there about 7:20). The bible study is a Kay Arthur precept study on John, which in and of itself is exhausting. She crams a lot of info. into two hours! Then home for baths and bed....

Which brings me to my do you moms of multiple older children do it?!?!? I don't know if I am cut out for the sports, music, church, youth group, etc., etc., etc. lifestyle!

And for a second question:
Has anyone else done any of the Kay Arthur precept studies? This is my first one? What did you think?

Hopefully, I'll make it to blogging about Jessilyn's soccer later this week-really amusing. And I still have to catch up on Reese's b-day, my new newphew (, Marlie's b-day, etc....but for now I have to go to bed!!