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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sea World

This summer, my sisters, the girls, and I took a quick little girls' trip. Jessica and I met in Dallas for one day while Jaclyn was working, then met her in Temple and saw her new apartment, then went to San Antonio. We spent the first day shopping, then took the girls to El Mercado in downtown San Antonio. Jessilyn got her face painted, and they each got a new little mexican dress. We went to the Tower of Americas, then to dinner and the river walk. It was a long, but very fun day. After that we spent two days at Sea World. It was a quick trip, and the girls had a blast having "girl time" with their aunts. One evening, we drove to our old house that we lived in when Dad was in medical school. It looked much better than we were expecting, and they have painted it a lovely, very "San Antonio" shade of turquoise. haha

Visiting with Macye and Bryce while in Dallas.

Sweet sisters! (pretty cute, too!)

Showing off their new dresses.
A little face painting.

Jessilyn posing with the cast of the ski show
Close-up of our attempt at a picture at the entrance...typical

New sunglasses

At top of the Tower of Americas

They love their aunts!


Margaret said...

You people make me smile! :0) Love ya'll!!!

Emily Suzanne said...

I'm glad you had a fun sister trip! I want to do one with mine soon!! You've inspired me :)
It's nice to see you were so close to me...makes me feel close somehow :) We have that same Shamu!!

The Johnsons said...

I wanted to call you so bad Emily when we were there. It was just such a quick trip! Maybe next time...miss you, friend!

Anonymous said...

The phrase is removed