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Friday, October 24, 2008

Killing Giants

Today at MOPS, the girls learned about David and Goliath. In the car, Jessilyn was looking at her papers and pretending to be the teacher. What she said was too funny...

Jessilyn: "OK class, let's tell the story of David and Goliath one more time to help us remember. It is very important to remember not to throw rocks at anyone except giants and mean people."

Do you think she got the point of the lesson?

P.S.-I was so excited yesterday about potty training. The part I forgot: last night Reese got out of bed at least five times. Everytime I would raise my voice and threaten her with a spanking if she got up again, she would get her classic little Reese smile (those of you who know her know just the smile I'm talking about), and say in a sheepinsh little voice, "Reese potty." They learn so quickly how to manipulate, don't they?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Snack Time Fun!

Jessilyn decided she wanted to make her own snack today. She wanted to "mix something with m&m's. So I let her get creative, and what she came up with was pretty good! She mixed Cheerios, peanuts, broken up pieces of chocolate drizzled rice cakes, dried cranberries, m&m's, and mini Nilla wafers. Her and Reese loved shaking it up, and they especially loved eating it! (This was a vast improvement from last week. On two different days she asked if she could get herself a snack. The first day, she was eating caramel apple dip straight from the bowl by the spoonful, and the next she was snacking on a bag of bacon bits!! Healthy, right?!?)

On another note, Reese wore panties in public for the first time with no accidents-to Jessilyn's gymnastics practice! YEAH!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's Your Take?

So I need some input from all of my wise, godly Momma friends...

Yesterday Jessilyn got in trouble for aggravating Reese and then lying to me about what I clearly saw her blatantly do. She got two spankings-one for the big sis bullying and another for the lying. I explained to her what she did wrong, why she was being punished, then made her think about her actions. After her "thinking time," I went in, talked to her, loved on her, then prayed with her. I explained to her that when we mess up and do something wrong, we should pray about it. Pray for forgiveness, thank God for loving us unconditionally, thank God for the lesson, and ask for His strength not to repeat the offense. Here is my dilemma, my thought I have been pondering ever since. Should I be teaching her to pray for forgiveness every time she messes up, to confess each sin?

I believe we are all already forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ. Salvation is our acceptance of that forgiveness. I understand Jessilyn hasn't yet accepted that gift. But I do not want to plant the seeds of condemnation and guilt that can come with the teaching that we must "confess every sin." I know as a young child, I really struggled with this point. I remember worrying about every single thing I had done wrong that day and trying so hard to remember every little detail. (I realize I tend to have a little of a compulsive personality, but so does my sweet Jess.)

So, my question is...How do you balance teaching a soft heart, one that is easily convicted of wrongdoing without (possibly) opening the door for guilt, self-condemnation, etc.? What's your take?