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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Date Night

All dressed up!

Last night was date night for Mommy and Jessilyn. We started this last year, and decided it had to be a yearly tradition! We went to dinner (Jessilyn's choice), then to the Nutcracker. We went to eat at Olive Garden. Fettucine al-fer-a-do is Jessilyn's favorite. We had a great time. I don't know how many times she said "love you, Mommy" just over dinner. She was absolutely giddy, and I loved every minute of it!

Funny faces at dinner
Is there anything better than this face?!?

We then went to the Nutcracker. Watching through her eyes was purely magical. She was glued to the dancers the entire time. She didn't miss a minute, and was asking questions about the story line throughout. She is infatuated with Clara. In the second half when the Sugar Plum Fairy was dancing, Jessilyn was more concerned with seeing Clara (who was just sitting on the throne watching, nothing else). Too funny! They served Christmas cookies during intermission. Yummy! After the Nutcracker was over, we went to Starbucks for coffee and hot chocolate. Jessilyn went and sat with a group of teenagers while we were waiting on our order. She, not for one minute, ever even considered the thought she wasn't as old as them! I think next year Reese will be old enough to get in on the action. We're still debating if Dad has to go, or if it will just be a girl thing. What's your vote? She had a great night, and I had an even better night...watching memories being made through her eyes. Nothing better!

Love you, Jess!!

Here's some more Jessilyn silliness, just for fun!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Random Pics

Here are some random pics from the last month or so that I haven't yet posted

Jessilyn and Reese both got new haircuts. Jessilyn likes to tell everyone she got a "bob," and Reese "kinda got a bob, but really just a trim, because you can't tell she got her hair cut." I found a cute place for them to go. They get to sit in a firetruck or police car and watch a movie.

Jessilyn's hair

Jessilyn sitting so still

Jess in her first Christmas program at church
(my camera sucks...listening Santa?!?)

Jessilyn singing

Reese fixing MiMi's hair

Dress up fun!

We call this our version of a "knocked up 80's prom queen"
Let me explain: The girls went to a mermaid birthday party. The little girl's mom sewed mermaid tails for each of the girls. This is Reese's tail, but she likes to pull it up like a tube dress! It looks just like an 80's prom dress to me, and her cute little belly makes her look...well, knocked up! I can't explain where she learned this pose...I won't even try.

Reese getting her first hair cut (and apparently really enjoying it)

Lollipops are always a good distraction
Cute little Reese!

Thanksgiving 2008

We had a great Thanksgiving in Amarillo this year. The day we got into Amarillo was absolutely beautiful, so we took Jessilyn, Reese, and Marlie to the park. Marlie had a blast! Pops and MiMi came along. My mom swears she told us she wasn't going to cook this year (in the small rental house), but none of us weem to remember that conversation. Anyway, we did end up was wild, crazy, cramped, and FUN! Everyone was home, there were pack-n-plays in every room, and we had a blast! Dinner was wonderful! We spent Friday with Randon's family. Randy cooked a great meal, and we had lots of fun rocking out on the Wii. Saturday we attempted to get pictures of the four grandkids in their Christmas outfits and pajamas for Christmas cards. BTW, whose idea was that?!!? We took something like 650 pictures, and got maybe 10 good ones (no good ones of all four together). I didn't even get a great one of my girls together. (You'll never guess which one wasn't cooperating!?!? If you can't, you'll know when you get your card!) Saturday night we went to church, then had a Wii party with my family. We were NO good, but it was amusing to listen to Cynthia sing and watch Jessica and Rob tag team on the drums. Sunday was some laid back, card playing fun with my family. Then we headed out to Stacy and Misti's for a great dinner, then got on the road back to Midland. All in all, a great weekend and way too much great food!

Jessilyn and the big man Hutton

Aunt Jaclyn and Reese

Daddy and Jessilyn doing "The Spider"
(takes you back to elementary days, huh)

Marlie swinging

Reese swingingJohnson Family

Jessilyn in her element!

Daddy's girl!