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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sparkles Soccer Fun

Last night Jessilyn's soccer team "The Sparkles," had a soccer party. Midland has a new semi-pro soccer team called, brace yourselves, "The Sockers." So witty... Anyway, Jessilyn's team got to go down onto the field before the game started and were each individually introduced. They were even on the jumbo-tron! Then they got to walk out onto the field with the pro players and stand with them during the National Anthem. Jessilyn's walking partner was Chuck, and when we left at halftime, he had scored the only goal. She must have been his good luck charm! We ate hamburgers and hotdogs. There was also the sweetest snow cone stand you've ever seen. You just got a cup of plain shaved ice, then the flavors were in little dispensers like fountain drinks. The girls could pick their own flavor, any flavor(s), as much (or as little-even though that wasn't the case for any of them) as you wanted. That's a little slice of heaven for 4-5 year olds, I tell ya! The girls had a great time, and Jessilyn thought she was pretty hot stuff! Good times...

Jessilyn is #4, with the white long sleeves on...the one trying to strangle her friend in the last pic.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jessilyn's First Sewing Project

I was making some curtains for our room last week, and Jessilyn kept begging me to sew. I asked her what she wanted to make, and since it was Easter week, she decided she wanted to sew a cross. I helped her line up the needle, explained how to keep it straight, and showed her how to turn corners with the stitches. I kept helping her until she told me, "Mom, you just have to show me one time, then I can do it by myself!" So I backed off and let her go all on her own. She did great! She only went off the material one time, and her stitches were pretty straight. I wish I had used a contrasting thread color so you could see it better (you can click on the pic to zoom in), but here is the finished product.

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!

This was our first time to not be in Amarillo for Easter. I was a little bummed at first, but we had an absolutely wonderful weekend! Saturday we went to Randon's game, then came home and dyed eggs, then baked resurrection cookies. If you haven't heard of these, they are so great for little ones! The ingredients go along with the story of the crucifixion, and you read corresponding scriptures as you mix them. You make the cookies on Saturday night, then put them in the oven and tape the oven shut. (You don't actually bake them.) Then on Easter morning, you open the oven and take the cookies out. Each cookie is supposed to represent the tomb, and when you break the cookies open, they are hollow inside, just like the tomb was empty! We did this for the first time with Jessilyn last year, and she absolutely loves this tradition!

Sunday we had an amazing service at church. We ate lunch with another coaching family and hunted eggs. Then we went over to some sweet church friends' home, and let our kids run around until they were exhausted while the dads watched the Master's. It was a great day.

The most exciting part of Easter this year was how much Jessilyn really got into it, and to see how much she really understood. She loves to "teach" Reese about the resurrection eggs. Her version is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. We talked on Good Friday about why this was a sad day, and how heavy the remembrance of His death should be, and how we would be able to celebrate on Sunday because of His ultimate victory over death! Jessilyn is asking so many questions, and her spirit is so softened...I don't think it will be long until she asks Jesus to be her Lord and King! We are having conversations about salvation more and more often. Nothing blesses my heart more than to see her love for the Lord! I am overwhelmed at the gift of being a Mommy, and my cup overflows when I think of the warrior Jessilyn will be for Him!

Happy (Late) Birthday Mayce!!

This post is for our friend Mayce. She turned the big 5 yesterday! (Sorry this is late, Mayce, but our computer wasn't working yesterday) Jessilyn made her friend a birthday cake out of play-doh. Hope you like it!

From Jessilyn to Mayce (exact words):

I miss you Mayce. I hope you had a good birthday, and sometime we'll try to come up there and see you and Bryce. I miss you Mayce.

(Sorry Stacy...I guess Jessilyn isn't interested in meeting Blake. Ha!)


Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Your Favorite!

Yesterday the girls got in trouble for being tacky to each other. I made them both apologize to the other, then say "I love you," then say "You're my favorite sister." Here's how it went:
J: I love you, Reese. You're my favorite sister.
R: I'm your favorite sister.
Me: No, Reese. You're my favorite sister.
R: I'm your favorite sister.

Oh, well...I give up. Anyway, she is. Jess just told her so!