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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Please Pray for Reese

We had a great weekend. Sunday was baby dedication at church, so mine and Randon's parents came in to visit. We had a lot of fun. We didn't do much exciting, but it's always great to be with family!

Then Monday came... Reese went in for her 18 month well check and guess what?!? She STILL has an ear infection!! We're going on 3 1/2 months now...come on! After some debate with the doctor, we decided to try an antibiotic shot a day for three days. Today was day three...thank God we're through with that! First, we've had to be at the doctor's office for no less than an hour every day this week, just for a shot! Today Reese started screaming the second she saw the nurse walk in...she's no dummy-she knew exactly what was coming. The doctor said that these shots are very painful, and judging by Reese's reaction, she was right. Then after the shot, we had to wait for 15 minutes to make sure she didn't have any reactions. Mind you, Reese also screamed those entire 15 minutes, which makes for some interesting stares from those wondering the halls of the pediatrician 's office! Then in the car, she would continue crying for another twenty minutes or so. We would then come home for a nap, which has been at least 5 hours each day. The poor thing is exhausted!

As a mom, my heart breaks to see my little baby in pain. I want to be able to make it go away. We're really struggling with what to do. We don't want to be "those parents" at the doctor, insisting on other options, arguing that what we've been doing is obviously not working, asking for a second opinion, etc. But, I worry about the effect of all the antibiotics in her system (we've been on 5 different ones back to back since Halloween). They say there is also a danger of hearing loss from the fluid in her ear canals. The next option, as best we can tell, is a referral to an ear/nose/throat doctor to look at inserting tubes in her ears. I know this is medically a minor treatment, but it is still surgery, and that is always scary when it is your child! Please join us in praying for her ears to heal completely!

Meanwhile, Jessilyn is missing out on all the fun here. She is in Amarillo, and will leave tomorrow to go to Waco with Pops and MiMi to see Aunt Jaclyn. What fun they will have! I am so thankful for the gift of grandparents. I still look back with such fondness at the memories I have as a little girl with my grandparents, and I know she is building cherished memories that she will always hold dear. What a blessing we have in our family!

Happy late Birthday Rob! There was a day, not so long ago, we feared you wouldn't be around for another birthday...thank you God for the miracle that is Rob! We love you and are so proud of the strength and courage you have shown over the past year. We're excited to see what God has in store for your little family!


Ingram Gang said...

Oh, your sweet little girl. That is so hard...we've faced similar situations with our Noah. We did resort to tubes and have seen dramatic results, but I was so hesitant as well. The constant antibiotics is just not fun. With each new dose I would give him, I cringed. Speaking of tubes, my 7 month old nephew got them this morning. He was born with fluid on his ears...isn't that crazy. So, I will add you sweet Reese to my "baby and ear issues prayer list" :)
Thank you for your sweet comment. I will add your blog to my friends as well. We are now 'officially' blog buddies!

The Wilsons said...

Oh, I understand how hard it is to watch your babies hurting. I will definately be praying for sweet Reese, and for strength for you as you care for her day in and day out.

Morgan said...

I'm so sorry about poor Reeseie! I will be praying for y'all! I love the Valentines pics! So adorable! Love you guys!

The Durham's said...

Jess, I am so sorry! I just checked the blog...this breaks my heart! Poor baby! Please know that Monty and I are praying for you guys....continue to strengthen yourself in Him, my friend. Love you!

Emily Suzanne Sims said...

Oh Jennifer! I love you too! I just know how hard it is to go through the doctor with a screaming scared baby... not to mention for three days straight. I'm praying for peace for you guys and true rest (in every sense of the word). may God bless you with a quick healing of Reese's ears and rest for her as well. Rejuvenation, Lord for this TREASURED family!