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Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

My attempt at getting a picture of the girls in their Valentine's outfits for school. No surprise which one wouldn't cooperate!! (Love you, Reese!)

Jessilyn and her friend Karen at her first Valentine's Day party. What fun!

Daddy wearing his special Valentine from Jessilyn.

Mommy's turn. Of course I'll be yours Jessilyn!

On Thursday, Jessilyn and I got busy baking a strawberry cake for Daddy. I love making these memories with Jessilyn-probably even more than she does! Thanks for the cooking sets, MiMi. Enjoy the pics!!

Here are the finished products. Jessilyn might be a little Martha Stewart in the making!

A cake for the babysitter, one for Reese, and one for Jessilyn.

Daddy's special cake from Jessilyn.

Mommy's special cake for Daddy. (We're trying to make him fat!)

Mommy and Daddy got to go out for Valentine's.

Our church had a Valentine's dinner and dance for the married couples. It was a scary flashback of middle school dances-picture station, ackward guy/girl groups, not many people dancing, the ELCECTRIC SLIDE!!! It was so sweet to see the little old couples shaking it out on the dance floor! One couple there had been married for 53 years!! Amazing. We had so much fun! Thanks Mom for encouraging us to go-you were right!

P.S. - The matching outfits were NOT planned!


The Durham's said...

I LOVE IT!!! Middle school dances rocked:) And yes, your mother was right....glad you listened to her! (haha) You are such a precious wife for making you husband that fabulous dessert....I am highly impressed, you little professional!! Ok, the girls were too cute! Jess looks so old:) This blog was awesome, and by the way, your house is adorable!! Love you!

Emily Suzanne Sims said...

what a great valentine's day!!! You are quite the baker, missy!! What a gorgeous cake! I bet Randon ate that all up~ How are you guys? Catch me up, yo!!

Margaret said...

I hope I grow up to be a wonderful Mom like you!