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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jessilyn's Coming Home!!

I get to go pick up Jessilyn in just a few hours. Today has been one week since she left! My house has been so quiet! She has been in Amarillo last week, then went to Waco over the weekend. I've talked to her a few times...when she'll grace me the opportunity...and she's having an absolute blast!! She thinks she's so grown up, when she's away from us, it's like we don't even cross her mind. She doesn't ever want to talk to us on the phone, because she has way more important things to do!

I've also found myself kinda bored this week, believe it or not. I felt really on top of things. Which makes me laugh....I remember one week when Jessilyn was a baby. Randon came home from work to find me crying while cooking dinner. I had been trying for THREE days to clean my house, and was so frustrated that it still wasn't done. I had a complete breakdown. (Poor husbands, how do they ever put up with us new Moms-or us as moms in general, because it seems like I've lost my mind at least once every day since Jess was born!!) Anyway, after I shared my breakdown with my mom, she felt sorry for me, and took Jessilyn for the entire next day, and I finally got to clean my house!! Back to this kid seems like a cakewalk!! It's amazing the grace God grants us to get through everyday life!

Reese has taken on a completely different personality without Jessilyn around. She usually is quite content to do things on her own, but she has constantly been at my feet . She has been more playful, more talkative (probably because she acturally has the opportunity to talk), and more cuddly. It's really been fun to watch!

Randon left this morning for Arizona, so for now it's just Reese and I. I better go, so I can enjoy my last few hours alone while Reese is napping, because soon Jessilyn will be back, and well, I better go take a nap...I know what's coming!


Emily Suzanne Sims said...

I hope you guys had a beautiful homecoming!!! don't worry... I think your mind is completely sane! ;)

Morgan said...

Yes! It's GREAT fun! They are such presious kids! I always thought Triplets would be a lot more challenging than they are. LOL. How is your beautiful family doing?

Texas Angel said...
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Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...


sorry i had to delete that comment..i wasn't signed in with my account! anyways...this is amanda (lary) ramsey and i saw you posted on jennifer's blog (breaks my heart) and i had to come see yours. your girls are so cute! i am excited to keep up with you! hope you are doing good!

Emily Suzanne Sims said...

Thanks for that amazing comment! We moms have to stick together if we're going to make it in the world! I think you're amazing and I'd go on and on if I had more time. Just know I love you, friend!