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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Goodbye Kindergarten!

Jessilyn & Mrs. Terebessy

So proud!

Jessilyn & one of her besties, Abigail

My big girl is a kindergarten graduate! I cannot believe it...she is growing up so quickly. She has had a great year at Emerson! Her teacher was awesome! Mrs. Terebessy is one of the veteran teachers, and she was absolutely wonderful! For graduation, she made each of the students an individualized diploma with personal pictures from the entire year. She spent about 1 1/2 hr. per diploma-her Memorial Day weekend wasn't so exciting...but that's why we love her...all the special things she does for the kids. Jessilyn really loved school this year. She is Little Miss Social. It seems like she know absolutely everyone in her school-not just the kindergarteners. When I pick her up, go eat lunch with her, or walk through the halls with her, she says HI to everyone she walks by. I love that about her. Her teachers have complemented how well she gets along with the other kids. They have complemented her on being friends with everyone, not just a select group. She excelled academically also. She made it into Project Think and QUEST-the top tier of her grade, in her school and in the entire district, respectively. Her brain moves faster than her hand, perhaps her things like handwriting aren't really all that important to her. She writes as fast as possible, to get it onto paper as quickly as she can. That really bothers the perfectionist/control freak in her momma, but we're both working on it. She loves to read, and is quite the little artist! She has enjoyed all the class pets, from frogs, to caterpillars, turtle, rainbow colored chicks, butterflies, preying mantises...the class named the large frog "Taco," because his breath smelled like he'd just eaten a taco! hehehe They also had eggs that hatched...they dyed the eggs while they were in the incubator, and the chicks hatched with dyed feathers! I didn't know you could do that...what you learn in kindergarten, right? Anyway, Jess has had a great year, and we're trusting that her next few years in Leander will be just as great. I love that we have a Father who cares about all those details...I trust she'll be just where she needs to be!


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

I've kind of been thinking about something like that...I just bought 3 old frames the other day. I wonder if Jonathan would go for art in the back yard???

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