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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bulldog Baseball

The cutest fans ever!
They love their Daddy!

HeAvY trophy!

Way to go, Dawgs!
Tired little fan!!

We had a great season this year! Randon moved up to be the varsity assistant this year (rather than JV coach), so he got to be with a lot of the same boys again instead of getting a new group. Randon's been really tight with most of these boys, and he really loves them! He's been with many of them for four years now. Baseball is different than football in that you become so much closer with the boys and their families just because of the smaller numbers. The parents of this team have watched my girls grow up (I was pregnant with Reese when we started here!) We lost a heartbreaker series to Burleson. The boys played so well, and it was so fun to watch them!! We sure will miss MHS Baseball!
The baseball picnic was hard this year, saying goodbye. Randon got some great gifts...a scrapbook made by one of the moms, a MHS flag signed by all the boys, and a framed pic of the team. There were lots of tears and hugs...we will miss MHS for sure!!!
This is a poem the head coach, Barry Russell wrote. He reads it to the boys each year, and this year, he had Randon read it. He was really choked up, but he made it...
The Game of Life
I hate to lose you son, you'll be leaving me today.
And chances are we may never meet again along the way.
But before you go, I'd like to leave you with just a thought or two,
About the things I've tried to teach you in this short year or two.
I was there when you got that base hit, and acknowledged all the cheers.
I was there when you struck out and tried to hide your tears.
As I watched you climb your little mountains, with your troubles and your strife,
I thought of how much baseball is like the good old game of life.
You'll strike out many times my son, but a winner never quits.
If you'll just keep a level swing, you'll get your share of hits.
You can build your batting average with a winning attitude,
With respect for all your fellow men and never being rude.
Play life by the rules God has laid down, and He'll reward you well.
And someday you'll have a story of success to tell.
Well, we've played our game together, and I do believe we've won.
This world has gained a fine young man, but I hate to lose you, son.

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