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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yeah Aunt Stinky!!

So the weekend after Mother's Day, we made a mad dash to Waco for Aunt Jaclyn's graduation. What a fun weekend! It is always so fun when the entire family is together. Those times are becoming more and more rare as all of our lives continually grow crazier. Graduation was Saturday morning. It was a lovely FIVE hours with two toddlers, an infant, and a prego! We're dedicated, Jaclyn-don't you forget it! Randon almost had to beat up an elderly handicapped man because he was determined to take Rob's wheelchair spot. I love you, Babe!! More dedication. Dad then treated us all to a wonderful steak lunch, the girls did a little shopping at our favorite store (we'll miss you, Spice!), then we got to go pack and clean Jaclyn's apartment. Wait, when did we volunteer for that?!? Again, more dedication.

J/K Jaclyn-We love you and are truly so proud of you! You have truly blossomed over the past four years, and we're so excited to see what God's got up His sleeve for you!! Here are som pics...

Pops and his girls

Skittles fans for entertainment (thanks, MiMi)

Photography of new cousin by Jessilyn

Dad, Mom, and Jaclyn

Love ya Stinky!!!

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Cynthia Meeks said...

I love all your mini blogs! I think its so funny that the new cousin shot made the blog. I can't believe that Jess only has one more year before kindergarten. When did she get so old? Love you guys! I love it when you have updates on here so you need to do it more often!