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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday, and I do mean HOLIDAY, Weekend

This weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, and Randon and I celebrated in a unique kids! The girls went back to Amarillo with MiMi on Thursday, and we'll head up to Amarillo next week to get them. That's right...two weeks with no kids!

The first day they were gone we were having our plumbing worked on, so we had no water. No kids, no water (therefore I couldn't do laundry, clean, work in the yard, etc.) - I had no idea what to do, so I went and painted pottery. It was really nice.

Saturday night Randon and I went out to a little concert. It was a local guy who sings old country music. We people watched, made fun of people, and did a little dancing. It was so much fun. Thanks Mom-we had a lot of fun!

Sunday night we went to the drive-in movie to see Indiana Jones. On Monday, I was sick and never even got out of the recliner. We had previously decided we would work on the house. I had begun texturing our entryway on Sunday. So on Monday, Randon was my little electrician. He put up four new light fixtures and a new ceiling fan. The new fixtures really do make a big impact for just a little $$$. I must say, I am very impressed. (We won't mention how he hung the front porch light upside down. Shhhhh) He jokes that he should take up being an electrician as a second job. He says if he got paid by the hour, we could be rich!! Here are some pics of his handiwork. Thanks, Babe!


The Durham's said...

I have to post the love for all the recent blogs on this one, or I would be commenting all night:) The girls look absolutely adorable and sooo grown up! Tell Jaclyn and Jessilyn "congrats" from Monty and I on the graduating:) Also, so happy for your two week time with the that! Can't wait to catch up with you and I love ya!

Emily Suzanne Sims said...

Seriously, you got on this blog thing!!! I was on your site the other day and you hadn't done anything much... then today i see like FIFTY new posts!!!! wow!!! :)
seems like life in Midland is getting better for you guys? You got a lot done on the house and it must be nice to just be able to lay around and have a break from the kiddos... not that you don't miss them, I know! bittersweet. :)
Miss you!