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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just In Case....

Just in case you were wondering if Jessilyn really IS a drama queen, listen to this conversation from this morning.

J: My life stinks.
M: Why would you say something like that?
J: Because. First, Daddy has to be a meany guy, Gabe drags me around all the time and makes me play puppets when I don't want to, MiMi tells me I'm only getting toilet paper for Christmas, and Reese always messes up my toys that I set up.

OOHHH, the perils of being a four year-old!!


Becky Dietz said...

LOL!! I love it!! Toilet paper for Christmas, MiMi????

Ingram Gang said...


This is straight off of daytime soaps. Good material :)

Laurie Mann said...

Ha I cant wait! We saw taken and we really liked it too. What are you guys doing this weekend?

mary said...

I love it! I think I need to use the toilet paper comment on my own little darlin's. The problem is that they would have sooooooo much fun with rolls of toilet paper. Your girls are precious :)

The Durham's said...

I'm totally calling CPS! I mean, I can hardly hold back the tears...meany guy, toilet paper???? It's just too much! HAAAAAAAA! She is a riot:) Thanks for the laugh, sweet Jess! Love yall!