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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

First off, I am amazed that I am posting about Valentine's on Valentine's Day, and not sometime later this summer. Randon has baseball today, so we celebrated last night. Last night Randon took all his girls out. He bought us each flowers, and took us to a little local Italian restaurant. We had a great time, and the girls were absolutely thrilled to get their own flowers! After dinner, we came home and had desserts that Jessilyn and I had prepared-lemon tart, and chocolate covered strawberries. We put the girls to bed, and Randon and I watched a movie. This morning, we decorated the dining room, and the girls woke up to a Valentine's Day breakfast treat-donuts! Fun times...

Jessilyn making strawberries

Daddy and his girls

All the girls

The girls with their flowers

Mommy and Daddy (picture taken by Jessilyn)

The girls' breakfast table

Yummy donuts!!

Jessilyn showing off her new jewelry (check out the earrings...she was so excited for "mommy" earrings)

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montanamovestotexas said...

TO CUTE! Jessilyn took a great pic of you and Randon!

Cynthia Meeks said...

I love it! Since when did Reese start smiling for pictures? It must have been sometime in Jan because the Dec pics are mad Reese but the VDay pics are cute simley Reese. I can't believe Jess said that, did you just laugh when you were talking to her? I was planning on coming to visit this soming week or next, would one be better than the other for you guys? (It would be Wednesday through Friday or Saturday)

Becky Dietz said...

What a great guy---he really knows how to take care of his girls!!!

The Durham's said...

Sorry I am so late on commenting, but I just have to are one great mama!! I love this post! The strawberries, the dinner, the cutie p.j.'s....I just love it all! I miss you and want you to know I think of you often! Bless you guys!

Cynthia Meeks said...

Pants! Who needs pants! Actually it was really warm and I just changed him and didn't bother putting any back on him, but it actually worked out well because when he pooped, it just got on the highchair instead of on his pants! Sorry to whoever used that chair next! And I am putting up wig pictures soon!