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Friday, January 30, 2009

Catch Up

So I'm finally getting around to posting pics from Christmas. We had a great Christmas this year! We spent the afternoon at my Aunt Tina's house with my mom's family on Chrismas Eve, then went to the Christmas Eve service at Messiah's House. We spent Christmas Eve night at Randon's parents, and all day Christmas with his family. It was so nice to be in one place all day long, and not have to run from house to house! The day after Christmas we left with my family for a ski trip in Colorado. We had a great time. This was the first time in years my entire family has been able to be together for a trip. It was much needed! We had a great time with all our families! There are lots of pics, and they aren't in chronological order, so please be patient with me.


Rob and Marlie (what a cutie pie!!)
Sleepy cousins (Hutton, Reese, and Marlie)

View from the front porch of our cabin

Little Miss all ready to go sledding
Making snow angels

Cynthia and Hutton

The Meeks Family (#2)

Daddy and his girls (typical Reese picture pose)

Pops, Mimi, Jessilyn, Reese, and Hutton
(where's Marlie?)

Pops & Mimi

One of my all time fav pics!!
This was Jessilyn's first time to ski. She was so excited. We had watched the Jon & Kate Plus Eight skiing episode over and over to prepare. Uncle Jered and Daddy took her for a lesson on the street in front of our cabin the day before. She was such a pro! When we went to watch her lessons, we couldn't find her anywhere. After lots of searching, we were told she had been doing so well that her instructor had taken her up to the real lifts! She had such a great time, and we had so much fun with her!

Jessilyn and her ski instructor

She's a pro!

What a cutie!

Daddy and Jess

Dad & Jess on the lift

Mommy, Jessilyn, and Aunt Jaclyn

Aunt Jaclyn and Jessilyn.
Here's the story: Jessilyn was headed straight off the edge of the mountain, and wasn't planning on stopping! I freaked out and froze, Randon couldn't get to her, Jered was above us up the Aunt Jaclyn skied in to save the day. They both busted in the process, got buried in deep powder, and we all laughed our heads off (after we got over the fear of our daughter skiing off the side of the mountain!)

The end of a great day of skiing...the look of pure joy when you finally take your ski boots off and put on your tennis shoes! There's nothing better!

Same pose with Dad

Reese fell asleep watching a movie on the ride home

The Johnson Fam headed back to Texas

Practicing on the street in front of the cabin

Pops, Mimi, and kids

Reese clearly not thrilled about bundling up

Jess, on the other hand, eating it up!

This is how Reese put Hutton to sleep

Reese and cousin Jay Garrett

Girls leaving milk & cookies for Santa

My little Reese was exhausted. She fell asleep coloring.

My two favorie girls!

Me, Jac, cousins Megan and Morgan

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