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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Big Eight!

I was tagged by Jody and Jennifer, so here goes:

8 TV Shows I Love To Watch:
1. ER
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Brothers & Sisters
4. The Hills (don't judge me)
5. John & Kate plus eight
6. Dancing with the Stars
7. Oprah
8. The 700 Club (I sound like my mom!)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Kabuki (Amarillo)
2. Abuelo's
3. Chili's
4. PF Chang's
5. The Cheesecake Factory
6. Posada's (I miss this place, Jessica!)
7. Ruth's Chris
8. Wall Street Grill (Midland)

8 Things That Happened Today:
1. Paid bills (yuck!)
2. Put up fall decorations
3. Got down Christmas decorations
4. Put up all Christmas decorations except tree (ran out of time)
5. Argued with Randon about getting tree out, then about our messy garage
6. Untangled Christmas lights for Randon (trying to kiss up)
7. Went to buy milk for cereal (for dinner!)
8. Packed for Thanksgiving

8 Things I am looking Forward To:
1. Going to Amarillo
2. Cooking for Thanksgiving
3. Seeing MaMa
4. Going to church at Messiah's House (with Randon, for once)
5. Getting pics of girls for Christmas cards
6. Finishing Christmas shopping
7. Randon's Christmas break
8. Ski trip (first time for Jessilyn-more posts to follow I'm sure!)

8 Things On My Wish List:
1. Sleep
2. Energy
3. DSLR camera
4. DVD video camera
5. Lose weight!
6. Finish last details of house
7. Trip for 10th anniversary next summer
8. Get out of debt!

8 People I Tag:
1. Cynthia
2. Meghan
3. Stacy
4. Jill
5. Sarah
6. Emily S.
7. Erin
8. CeCe

I usually never do these when I'm tagged, and now I've done two in a row! Imressive...

1 comment:

Emily Suzanne said...

uh-oh! I'm tagged! yay!~
I'll get to this...
I'm going to email you our new address via email!
I've never tried Ruth's Chris... we have one here and I keep telling Britt we need to go!